Mobile Media Blasting

There is an ENDLESS amount of projects that benefit from media blasting. We believe that there is NO job too big and NO job too small. Our equipment is the newest and most advanced in the industry. Our staff has had years of experience in the market, and knows what media and machine is best suited for your specific application. We also have the capability to blast 3-5 times faster than that of industrial blasters available to contractors for leasing. This saves YOU time, money, and heartache.


Applications and facilities include but NOT limited automotive restoration, marine/port, structure construction/re-construction, roadway pavement, construction equipment, refinery plants, bridge span, food processing plants, water treatment equipment, water and fire damage remediation, graffiti or paint removal, brick and concrete restoration, farm and production plant maintenance, stone and wooden monument blast engraving………. the list is endless.

We offer several different options of Media blasting…..Predominantly, we utilize the “dustless blasting” method. Dustless (or slurry blasting), uses water to add weight to the contaminant lifted from a surface being blasted. This keeps time that the “dust” that is in the air to a minimum and keeps the work area cleaner for adjacent exposure; such as pedestrian movement in and out of a building, traffic under a busy overpass, factory production lines, etc.

There are several other advantages and benefits to dustless blasting as the heat of friction is minimized and therefore can be applied in the most delicate blasting arenas. Slurry blasting also creates a safe work environment, as the typical sand friction “spark” of conventional blasters is non-existent. This is a HUGE advantage on jobs such as refinery
cleaning where flammable situations would be catastrophic.

Our employees always wear protective gear suited for each job. However, with slurry blasting, there is VERY little risk of silicosis or ingestion of leaded paint contaminants—due to the way the dustless system is employed.

Our blasting fleet can also dry blast with the same equipment. Every machine in the fleet is equipped with a media dryer that will ensure that the blasting will not be interrupted with a removal from media build-up during the process. Example: Food plants are required to clean their equipment with food grade “soda”, which can cause a terrible mess and extended down time if the air quality isn’t kept as dry as warranted by the media requirements.

Abrasive Cleaning, Polishing, Stripping, Etching

An added benefit of using a soft friction cooling process blast, gives opportunity for a variety of projects seldom thought of as candidates for rapid blast cleaning. The system can clean, polish, strip, or etch without causing destruction of the substrate, by “washing away” the blasted
contaminants. EXAMPLE: Unlike dry sand blasters, the dustless system can clean cooked oil staining, rubber gasket and hoses, etc., in harmony without “mixing” the properties of each items and causing more work to the end user.



Metals, wood, rubber, plastics, masonry, stonework, concrete, are all small parts of what we can help you with. There is rarely a surface that we can’t assist in a restoration job. Imagine the work and cost involved with the deconstruction or removal or just hand sanding of wood beams and purlins that need restoration. We can blast the wood (in place) to new again—in a FRACTION of the time.


Finish Coatings

We DO offer finish coatings for those items that can be moved to our Powder Coating Plant in Madison Mississippi. Currently, we can accommodate pieces as large as 10 feet tall, 10 feet wide and 30 feet long. The pieces must be a base substrate that can withstand a temperature of 400 for no less than 30 minutes without variance of composition (this is usually Steel, Aluminum, Glass, etc.).

Please contact our companion company’s Powder Coating Division.


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