We will stand behind our blasting service with the expectation that the final surface of the substrate will be clean of all visible applied or corrosive surface contaminants. This pledge includes the reasonable expectation that the appropriate media will be applied correctly. Damage caused from previous or existing deterioration of the substrate will not be warrantied. The original substrate composition is not our responsibility.

The client will need to provide proper access and mobility to the work site or item to be serviced.

Metal blasting includes a rust inhibitor solution that is applied during and/or after the media blasting process. The solution can provide a 48-hour window of opportunity to apply a protective surface, paint ready finish before any “flash” rust or oxidation commences. The blasted article should be removed from the elements of nature until a paint or sealer is applied.

We also work with several sub-contractors who can provide priming, sealing, or painting services if needed. Please advise us if you would like us to dispatch a contractor to discuss your needs.

All ancillary areas of the blasting work site are subject to debris and residue that will be produced by the surface contaminants being removed. Any hazardous residue is the sole responsibility of the client and may be subject to Federal, State or Local Regulations.

All service costs and/or balances are due immediately upon completion of the process, unless otherwise stated in the contract.

Cash (USD) and Credit Cards are accepted. Personal and business checks may be accepted with prior approval. Any return on a check for insufficient funding or other holds will encounter a 10% (or minimum of $50) late fee in addition to the balance, compounded every 10 days. Additionally, after 30 days, a property service lien will be placed on the property involved for the amount owed, including legal and collection fees associated with filing such action.

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